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About Nielsen Measurement Products

  • DCR – Digital Content Rating enables the developers to measure online video playing, app launches, app crashes, advertisements, page views, etc. DCR measurement content is developed for digital-only or linear TV content with dynamic ad-model.
  • DTVR – Digital Television Rating is a product of Nielsen that measures live TV viewing up to seven days of broadcasting without change in National ads.
  • Digital Audio – Digital Audio is the product that measures listening to radio on mobile devices. Radio clients should provide required parameters for Digital Radio Measurement (Usage: Radio App).
  • DAR – Digital Ad Rating measures the viewing of online ads irrespective of how long they were viewed / whether they were viewed till its end.
  • International – A custom version of Nielsen DCR (Digital Content Rating) product modified to meet needs of specific clients. It enables the developers to measure online video playing, advertisements, etc. This measurement content is developed from digital-only or linear TV content with dynamic ad-model.


Nielsen provides multiple framework SDKs that enable measuring linear (live) and on-demand TV viewing using TVs, mobile devices, etc. These SDKs leverage the following.

  • Nielsen audio watermark technologies for TV audience measurement
  • The industry supported ID3 metadata tag specification
  • Nielsen Combined Beacon technology

As each mobile app uses its own security mechanism, Nielsen has come up with

  • App SDK – Mobile app developers can integrate with their applications to report the usage
  • Browser SDK – Web app developers can report viewing on their apps to Nielsen Measurement

In addition to mainstream iOS (iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®) and Android (tablet and mobile phone) devices, Nielsen App SDK supports player applications built for Amazon Fire OS devices (Kindle Fire®, Fire Stick®, etc.) as well as the TVOS platform (Apple TV®). The current Nielsen App Certification process involves testing the apps on Amazon Kindle Fire, as well. Nielsen App SDK is integrated into the following video player applications to enable streaming measurement on mobile devices.

  • MVPD
  • CDN
  • Publisher

Methods in App SDK support the measurement products of Nielsen.

Refer to Concept of Operations for iOS, Android, Browser SDK and Cloud API for more details.