Nielsen SDK Documentation


API Versions

Concept of Operations

API Version 5.1.0 (Current)

This section explains the concept of operations behind Nielsen API measurement framework and the integration of various software components of the SDK.

The Nielsen Browser SDK allows the third party / player application to pass data that Nielsen uses to measure audience viewing accurately.

This includes initializing Browser SDK with parameters

  • player name
  • sfcode
  • apid

Player application needs to send ID3 information if the stream contains ID3 tags. Nielsen App object automatically relays this information to Nielsen collection facility.


The SDK allows collecting all player events, like play, pause and playhead position and associating metadata with them. The SDK pre-aggregates the received information according to the rules defined in the player configuration and sends it to Nielsen Collection system for further processing.

Key components of Nielsen Browser SDK

  • Configuration – This subsystem allows configuring aggregation logic according to settings assigned on per-apid basis and stored on the Nielsen side. Once integrated, SDK allows to turn ON / OFF data collection products remotely, without making changes to the frontend site / application
  • Data processing – This subsystem executes the rules from configuration to aggregate and transform player events to data ‘pings’ ready to be sent to Nielsen backend
  • Network – This subsystem is responsible for queuing events and pings, sending pings and handling network errors

Handle ID3 tags and viewing events

Regardless of the data expected to be aggregated and analyzed, the player should inform the SDK about all events happening, which include:

  • Metadata load event – To inform SDK about the type (ad or content), asset id, title and other parameters of the video being played (the list may vary according to the subscription)
  • Play event – To inform that the player started playing the video metadata was loaded for
  • Pause (stop) event – When ad is ended and for content when it is paused for playing an ad
  • Playhead event –To inform SDK about each second played
  • ID3 data event – All ID3 tags with ‘PRIV’ frame type and owner starting with “” to be sent to Nielsen SDK.
  • Static metadata event (Browser SDK only) – To inform SDK about the metadata associated with the displayed page (after the page is loaded) if such data are associated with the page itself

Transfer data to Nielsen collection facility

When the parameters are set, and events forwarded, the SDK starts periodically sending ‘pings’ back to Nielsen backend.

  • These pings can also appear in the network logs as image requests from the browser to the backend, where all data are in URL parameters.
  • The exact number, times, and data in these pings depend on the configuration, associated with app id.