Nielsen SDK Documentation


API Versions

Concept of Operations

Cloud Overview

  • Stateless
  • Fire and Forget
  • IMG based collection
  • Template based
  • Simply populate the pings with the data at runtime

Cloud API calls contain information of a media consumption, which app is used, what device is used, and viewing activities. A media consumption session (video viewing, ads viewing, audio listening etc.) may last for seconds or hours long. The API calls will include a session id so that subsequent calls will be linked to the corresponding online session.

The diagram below depicts a high-level application life-cycle. It is simplified without showing the typical error handling best practices when building robust application.

The application developer can enable measurement with the following high-level actions as illustrated in figure.

Action Description
GUID The client must create a globally unique session ID based on the definitions provided by Nielsen and the platform being measured.
Request This step sends measurement data to Nielsen system. Currently the application should send an IMG request for the following type of events:
  • playhead – send information that describes the content being played (metadata)
    • Current position of the media being consumed (playhead position).
    • Nielsen ID3 tag in “data” key. The Nielsen ID3 only exists for streams that have been processed to include Nielsen Private ID3 data and this data usually is the Nielsen Audio Watermark information from TV program live or VOD.
  • complete – send to indicate that a session has ended. For example, the app is exiting or going to background and there is no content playing in the background.
Delete This step closes the current session.
  • delete – send as mentioned below, to force expiry of the current session.
    • If the application is for video viewing or non-audio streaming, it MUST send Delete when the application is going to background.
    • If the application is an audio streaming app, background operation IS VALID and hence the application MUST NOT delete the session.
    • Application shall attempt to Delete the session when the application is closing.
Refer to the Cloud API section for detail information on the exact API and the JSON for the payload, the response codes and messages.