Nielsen SDK Documentation

Nielsen DCR – Upgrading to Browser SDK 6.0.0

API Version 6.0.0


Release Notes

The latest Nielsen Browser SDK includes a number of performance improvements:

  • Improves SDK initialization
  • Minimizes resource wait time dependencies
  • Bundles SDK modules in single file

How to upgrade?

Step 1: Remove Nielsen JS Library Call

The Nielsen JS library call is no longer needed. User will need to remove:

The updated initialization in Step 3 will handle the library download.

Step 2: Add Static Queue Snippet

Add the following script tag to the site/player:

The static queue snippet allows the SDK APIs to be called while the actual SDK and configuration file are still being downloaded. Since the queue is able to capture all API calls before the download completes, there is no wait time. Once the SDK is available, the API calls will transition from directing to the queue to the SDK seamlessly.

Step 3: Call Updated Initialization API

The initialization has also been reduced to a single API call:

Initialization API Call

Create an SDK instance by making the initialization call and passing two values:

Parameter Description Values
apid Unique ID assigned to player/site. 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX'
instanceName Name of SDK instance "any string value"
nol_sdkDebug: “debug” Enables Nielsen console logging. Only required for testing "{nol_sdkDebug: "debug"})"

Example SDK Initialization

When the initialization call is made, a unique static configuration file, .js, will be downloaded based on the apid and cached by the client side browser(s).

Once the static configuration file is downloaded, the SDK will be fully downloaded and initialized. All SDK modules are included in one file: “nlsSDK600.bundle.min.js”.

The apid and nol_sdkDebug are the only configuration metadata that are still required to be passed when initializing the SDK. The collection environment is managed on the Nielsen side.

6.0.0 vs 5.X.X Initialization

6.0.0 Initialization

The configuration should now include the Static Queue Snippet and an SDK Instance for the unique App ID as shown in the example:

When calling the Nielsen event APIs through ggPM, use the SDK instance (e.g nSDKInstance):

5.X.X Initialization

The user will need to remove the existing 5.X.X initialization which should be similar to the below sample 5.X.X initialization: